Tiya is a tribally-owned small disadvantaged business (SDB) formed in 2004 by the Chitimacha Tribe of Louisiana as a wholly owned subsidiary of Keta Group, LLC (“Keta”). The product and service offerings of the Keta Group family of companies are focused on disaster recovery services, space and defense engineering services, information technology services, construction, and facility management services associated with facility and base operations support. With locations in Southeast Louisiana, Georgia, and Colorado, Tiya delivers quality professional services to federal and commercial clients.

Recent projects include a five year contract providing base operations support services to the Army at Fort Benning, Georgia where, as the current prime contractor, Tiya maintains approximately 185,000 acres of ranges, courses, fields and roads; over 28 million square feet of buildings; 400,000 square feet of structures; and 950,000 square feet of surfaced area.

Tiya also provides supply, shipping and site installation services for containerized housing and office units through an IDIQ contract to support Department of State (DoS) Embassy Branch Offices worldwide; and Tiya has delivered management and support of facility and equipment for the Air Force Space Test and Training Range facility. Tiya has also provided similar management and administrative support services for numerous commercial clients.

To learn more about the KETA Group family of companies, go to  ketagroup.com.